First Tee-Augusta Tournaments

To provide tournament experience to participants and families of First Tee-Augusta. We also want to educate parents on the role they play outside the ropes and are participants attitude and behaver inside the ropes.

Tournament Overview:
Tournaments can be stressful nail-biting experiences. With any competition comes the desire to win. At The First Tee-Augusta our Core Values dictate our tournament environment. From educating parents on post shot reaction and how they affect the attitude of their participants, to a player calling a penalty on an opponent to maintain the integrity of the field. Our chapter also realizes the importance of competing not only against other First Tee-Augusta participant but other players in the CSRA is vital to our participants growth. Helping parents navigate endless number of Junior tournament organizations like AJGA, SJGA, GSGA, and more. We strive to create the most self-sufficient tournament ready “FAMILIES” we can at First Tee-Augusta.

Junior Golf Tournament Hierarchy

Upcoming Tournament Schedule 

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Online Tournament Registration:
Registrations will be in person or online and will open two weeks prior to each event.
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2021 Tournament Schedule

USGA Handicap 
What is a handicap?
A way to compare two players of unequal skill levels. That number is a calculation of your average score over ten rounds of golf on a USGA approved course. 

Who should have a handicap as a First Tee-Augusta participant? 
Most if not all playing participant opportunities require a handicap. 

How do I establish a handicap?
First Tee-Augusta is a USGA recognized course and free for any active member to create a USGA handicap. 

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