The First Tee of Augusta passionately believes in upholding the traditions golf teaches, including, most importantly, the values of sportsmanship, integrity, and honesty. We expect our players, parents, and other spectators to act with courtesy and common sense at all our events. We feel very strongly about enforcing our player Code of Conduct and this Spectator Code of Conduct policy.

All parents have the right to watch their child participate in tournaments. However, to maintain this right, there are certain guidelines that must be followed. We expect all spectators to follow this policy, understanding that any breach will result in removal from the golf course and possibly being banned from future events. As a spectator at the golf course you are just that – a spectator. You are not any active participant in the day’s events.

Tournament Overview

1) Spectators are encouraged to walk one shot ahead of the group they are watching to spot for golf

balls. This also eliminates the temptation of talking to a junior golfer during his or her round.

2) Where provided, spectators MUST stay on the cart path. The only exceptions to this would be:

  1. to help search for a golf ball
  2. If view of the green is obstructed from the cart path

In each of these circumstances, spectators must return to the cart path as soon as the ball is located or the group has putted out, respectively.

  • Encouragement such as “good shot’ and “nice putt” is allowed. Anything that could be construed as

advice is not allowed. If you are unsure, do not say it

  • USGA Definition of “advice”: Advice is any counsel or suggestion that could influence a player in

determining his/her play, the choice of a club or the method of making a stroke.

  • DO NOT walk beside your child and talk. The First Tee Staff will assume you are giving advice and an automatic 2 stroke penalty will be applied to your child’s score for that hole, regardless of what you are talking about.
  • If you need to give him/her a drink, towel, an umbrella, food, or any other item either do so and walk away or leave it beside the cart path or teeing ground for them to pick up.
  • Spectators may carry cell phones if they are on silent or vibrate. If you must make a call

please make sure you are as far away from any group of golfers as you can get.

  • If you have an issue with another spectator, please inform a The First Tee Augusta Staff member or

volunteer. DO NOT attempt to solve the issue on your own.

  • Yelling at or discouraging any junior golfer, including your own child, will not be tolerated at any

events. Should you violate this portion of the policy, you will be immediately escorted to the    club house where you can wait for your child.

  • Spectators should not give rulings on the golf course. Locate a The First Tee Augusta Staff member or have the junior proceed under Rule 3-3 and play two balls. Incorrect rulings given by parents will not be remedied in the scoring area, as players are responsible for knowing the Rules.

Spectator dress code:

  • Appropriate length shorts or slacks
  • All male’s shirt tails must remain tucked in
  • Caps and visors must be worn properly
  • All males will be asked to remove their caps/hats/visors upon entering the building
  • No bare feet, boots, or heels
  • No smoking or vaping